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— from the Greek sarx meaning “flesh”, and phagein meaning “to eat”.

Sarcophagus is a one-man game project in the sandbox/survival genre. It’s heavily inspired by the works of Sisyphus and the idea of the ennobling power of labor.

You start your lifespan in a shallow environment of (an allegory of) the cave and slowly work your way to a blooming garden by building and maintaining the cave’s ecosystem.

The game is deceptively empty at first, but make to mistake - you can populate it all by yourself.

By no means it’s a god sim, food always will be a problem (you must grow what you eat) and you’ll have to face some other human-specific limitations like an overwhelming urge to multitask, a pain of managing priorities, limited inventory space, absence of game’s wiki and author’s inability to communicate in good English.

The game is more on hardcore’ish/demanding/oldskool side of a spectrum and requires some exploration, learning and adjusting to its quirks.

It’s not a clone of anything, the purpose of creating the game was not an imitation of things I like but rather playing in a sandbox and looking at the ways things unfold. Sandbox game created as a sandbox project. So meta.

How to play:

  • Get Ice Shards.
  • Knowledge is power. Inspect everything you can.
  • Some items/blocks can be brought to The Machine for useful info and transformations - pay attention to  sign.
  • The Machine is your friend.
  • » Telegram channel with news and releases.

    » Discord server with news and releases.


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    sarcophagus-mac.zip 49 MB
    Version 0.10.59
    sarcophagus-win.zip 37 MB
    Version 0.10.59
    sarcophagus-linux.zip 34 MB
    Version 0.10.59

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    Hai. I have a small problem. I'm on win10 and the game crashes after trying to load the world. The error states somethinga bout failing to load the UI. Do you have any advices to load it without crashing? I'm very interested in your game and i would really like to try it.

    Deleted 126 days ago

    Fixed it, download new version.

    Do you have (or have you thought about making) a discord for the game?


    There is a telegram channel but I guess discord is more popular. Let's try discord, I'll add link to next game build. https://discord.gg/j7c2ytY


    I love the game, I wish I knew how to make a tool with chop tho lol


    sharp stone + bone + sinew

    sinew? I think I've never found that so far


    it's a living tissue

    or former living

    ohhh... I see where this is going...

    cool blog thingie you have by the way! (http://spectator.ru/)



    Looks like the osx build is broken. Fails to start.

    Mac: Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer.

    Mac: To fix “app is damaged and can’t be opened” launch Terminal and then issue the following command (source): 

    xattr -cr /path/to/application.app

    oh wow let me try it out!

    It worked! Thanks :)


    Deleted 146 days ago

    Here you go!